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Pandemic Possibilities

Dried grasses in winter.

A surreal pandemic clears real space and time for creative exploration. Maybe you've been thinking about writing or writing more. Well now is your chance. Or maybe you've never thought about writing but now find yourself with time on your hands.

Listed below are writing prompts to get you started or move you along. Choose one or more and write 2-pages on the topic without stopping to critique or edit. This kind of writing tends to enliven, soothe, offering insight and perspective.

See also The Color of Poetry posted February 2, 2017. And check back for additional ideas to creatively explore, expand, and engage.

Two Page Writing Prompts

Without stopping to critique or edit, write two pages about:

  • your work in the world (whether or not paid)

  • what you have too much of

  • a time you knew you were in trouble

  • what you wished you had said instead of what you did say

  • what you wanted to be

  • the softest thing

  • something you gave that was not appreciated

  • what you are no longer certain of

  • an unshakable belief

  • the moment you knew something was over

  • something someone said that you filed away for future reference

  • something on your bucket list

  • a question you wished you had asked

  • something you wish you didn’t know

  • what you learned to overlook

  • what you could not overlook

  • family superstitions

For a wonderful short listening experience, check out Poetry Unbound. For a poem a day to lift your spirits by reminding us of our common humanity, check out Poetry Daily.

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