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These workshops include time spent critiquing participants' writing.  The tone is constructive and respectful.  Suitable for writers of all levels.

The Poem as a Snapshot

It’s been said that a novel is like a movie and a poem is like a snapshot.  As poets, how do we decide what to leave in the frame and what to leave out?  We'll consider published poems in this regard.  Participants are encouraged to bring a poem to workshop for feedback on this topic.  We’ll also spend some time experimenting with poetic viewfinders.


Aubades: Time as a Port of Entry for Engaging with Poetry 

We'll explore time of day as an organizing principle for writing.   Thematically, we’ll consider what things we associate with certain times of the day, what subjects we might we want to write about depending on the time of day we are writing, and what subjects readers might want to read about depending on the time of day they are reading.  We’ll also explore “tone” or “mood” associated with certain times of the day, including how we might write differently about a subject depending on the time of day we are writing about it.  For experienced writers, this workshop is designed to freshen your writing and challenge habits of language, syntax, and tone.  For newer writers, this workshop offers a port of entry.

Fresh Takes on Mother Poetry Workshop

As writers, we are often drawn to topics that have long haunted, delighted, or befuddled us.  In this workshop, we explore innovative approaches to writing poems about – yes, mothers.   We’ll look at a variety of published poems which treat the time-honored theme of mother in fresh ways.  We’ll discuss what allows for new ways of treating archetypal topics. 

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