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Solstice and Equinox Writing Workshops

As age-old, natural markers of time, solstices and equinoxes provide ripe inspiration for writing, especially plein air writing.  These generative writing workshops may be held in September for the autumnal equinox and March for the vernal equinox when daylight and nighttime are of relatively equal lengths, and in June and December (when daylight is longest and shortest, respectively), in North America.  This workshop can also incorporate visual art making and/or movement.  No prior writing experience is required. 

Plain Air Workshops

Writing and art-making outdoors can stimulate creativity in novel ways (pun intended) that differ from our customary experiences creating while indoors.  Not only does the scene look different, it also feels, smells, and sounds different, offering writers and artists an embodied, multi-sensory generative experience.  Part of what’s fascinating and inspiring is to see how different the work may be despite participants all working in the same location at the same time.  This workshop may be held rain or shine, in urban spots as well as pastoral settings.  The workshop may focus solely on writing or incorporate visual art-making as well.

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