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Writing Toward Emotional Healing and Growth

This workshop offers structured approaches to writing creatively to enhance emotional healing and growth.  We’ll talk about when it’s helpful to let loose (writing in a stream-of-consciousness style), and when it’s more effective to pare down or reign in our writing and how to do so.  This is an inspiring, engaging workshop for which no prior writing experience is required.  We’ll experiment with a number of writing techniques.

Positive Focus Creative Writing Workshop

In this workshop, I lead participants in creating a personal “focus wheel” outlining areas of growth for themselves in the coming year.  Then, we’ll use the focus wheel as a springboard for a poem or other piece of creative writing. Paper and writing/drawing implements will be provided, although you’re welcome to bring your own or a favorite journal, if you prefer.  All you have to bring is an open mind and a creative intention.  No prior writing experience required.


Spiritual Journaling

Spiritual journaling is a way to explore being human as we reflect, anticipate, remember, wonder, dream, worry, and wish.  In this workshop we’ll do some journaling activities and leave inspired by additional ideas to maintain our own spiritual journals. 

Expressive Arts Workshops with Adults with Disabilities

Cognitive impairments that commonly pose life challenges and limitations can actually be advantageous for creative expression. Guidance for writing and/or art is provided in a relaxed environment where creative expression and conversation are welcomed.  Some prompts and techniques will be adaptable for participants to use outside of workshop.  No prior experience with art or writing needed. 

These workshops are typically held on a recurring drop-in basis or as part of a series of sessions.can only be offered in partnership with an organization serving adults with disabilities.

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