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Supplemental Call for Words: (UN)SEEN

(print anthology)

Poetic License Press is seeking additional poems for an anthology about the firsthand experience of feeling seen or unseen, understood or misunderstood, ignored or scrutinized.  


To complete the collection, we are inviting submissions of poems that reflect feeling seen or unseen, understood or misunderstood, ignored or scrutinized:

  •    on the basis of race;

  •    in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic; and/or

  •    in the current climate of political discord. 

We are also seeking some additional poems that reflect feeling seen and understood, and thus affirmed, within any context. 


What constitutes a poem is broadly defined for this project, though we are looking for writing that fits Poetic License Press’ aesthetic of authentic, accessible and engaging.  We seek to include a broad range of poets, especially those whose experience is often underrepresented in literature.If you need accommodations to submit your work, please let us know.


  • Submit up to three (3) poems formatted in 12pt. Arial font by Word doc attachment to:

  • Poems should be no longer than three (3) pages each. 

  • Previously published work is fine so long as writer possesses publication rights.  Note prior publisher for acknowledgement.

Cover letter should include:

  1. poet’s name as they would like it to appear in anthology;

  2. e-mail address;

  3. street address;

  4. phone number;

  5. title of each poem (and prior publisher, if applicable);

  6. poet bio not to exceed 75 words (do not include literary honors and awards as they are not relevant to the selection process).

Regarding line should read: Submission – (UN)SEEN Anthology


Submission deadline: March 15, 2022

Notification of Acceptance by June 15, 2022 by e-mail.  Poets whose work is selected will receive one contributor’s copy as sole remuneration.  Additional copies will be available for purchase by contributing poets at a discounted price.


Format of print publication will be determined after receipt of submissions and in editors’ sole discretion. (UN)SEEN is a working title and is subject to change in editors’ sole discretion.


Submission shall constitute: (1) representation that the submission is original work and that the poet possesses publication rights, and (2) agreement that if the work is accepted for publication, (a) Poetic License Press, and any publisher with whom it may partner, may, in their sole discretion, publish and promote the work, the poet’s name, image and voice, in any format, medium or forum, and (b) the sole remuneration is one contributor’s copy per included poet.

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