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Arlyn is authentic, engaging and accessible as a creative person, generously sharing her inspiration, ideas and encouragement to writers of all ages.

 - Jennifer Dotson, Director, Highland Park Poetry

Who Can Benefit from Poetic License Workshops?


Children and Teens

  • public, parochial and home schooled students in grades K-12

  • children and teens in leadership programs

  • religious school students

  • participants in before/after school enrichment programming

  • teens participating in service projects 

  • ESL learners

  • kids and teens with disabilities

  • kids and teens looking to enhance social skills

  • summer campers

  • scout troops

       …and the teachers & leaders who work with them


  • teachers

  • librarians

  • parents who homeschool

  • camp counselors

  • clergy

  • mental health professionals

  • lawyers

  • medical professionals

  • yoga and wellness coaches

       ...and other professionals in service fields


  • emerging writers

  • experienced writers

  • I-might-wanna-be writers

  • adults for whom English is not their first language

  • visual artists

  • musicians

  • dancers

  • those challenged by illness or disability

...and anyone who wants to enhance their self-awareness and their connections to others or the natural world

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