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You are

the best, nicest, coolest poet we’ve ever met.


Julie & Ella, 5th grade

Poetry-based Expressive Writing Workshops


Expressive writing workshops for children or teens may be held in schools and community venues such as...

  • public libraries

  • bookstores

  • day camps

  • scout troops,

  • houses of worship as part of religious education

  • art and nature centers


Workshops may also be held in private homes as part of home schooling or otherwise as a private gathering.  


School workshops may be offered during the academic day or as part of enrichment and before or after school programming. I’ve worked with thousands of children and teens and their teachers and leaders.  I’m sensitive to the complex and time-consuming demands on teachers, administrators and students, as well as school budgetary and time constraints.  Workshops are designed and implemented with these pressures in mind.


Whether in schools or community settings, I tailor each workshop to the venue and to the particular interests and abilities of participants.  In addition to working on my own, I co-facilitate expressive arts workshops with other artists and educators. 

Student Manuscript Consultation


In addition to leading expressive writing workshops, I provide consultation on student manuscripts.  This can be done with individual students, classrooms, or as part of literary festivals.

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